Friday, November 21, 2008

Cell Phone Success

I am so proud of my "new" bionic ear. I gave it quite a test today and it passed with flying colors. The work-out was a lengthy cell phone conversation - - - not a call in the quiet of my own living room and not with a familiar, "safe" voice of a family member. I was in the passenger seat of a very noisy Chevy van with my "new" ear next to the window. It was Friday afternoon and traffic was heavy. I was talking with an acquaintance from Atlanta whose voice I was not accustomed to. Holding it to my ear to take advantage of the built-in t-coil and the T-mic, I never once needed to say, "Pardon?" or "Could you please repeat that; I didn't catch what you said."

This event means nothing to a person with normal hearing, but to this phone phobic who is deaf as a do-nut hole, it was a shining moment.


Denise Portis said...

I totally agree! Until your hearing is "lost" and then "found", one can never understand.

Great CI moment!

Miss you!

Laura's medical journey said...

aw well done! Its another achievement in the CI journey!! :)

Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Sheila,

I'm an academic physician (formerly at Harvard and Stanford) who found your blog while looking for the best health writers. I think your writing is great! I would like to feature you in the Hearing Loss & Deafness Community on Wellsphere, a top 10 health website that has well over 2 million visitors monthly.

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