Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Week Later

Ah . . . I'm finally feeling drug-free and sensing the approach of "normal". Yippee!! It takes me such a long time to get over medications, even over-the-counter cold medicines wipe me out. It's been a week of slight improvement each day. Some dizziness and queasy stomach when not looking straight ahead has kept me inactive, unable to focus on the computer screen, and fairly bored. But I'm so grateful for no surgery complications and no fullblown vertigo. I am blessed indeed!

Maybe it's my faulty longterm memory, but I think my head is healing faster this time. I'm already sleeping without a pile of pillows and the incision is clean with no visible redness or stitches (I guess they are internal somehow; the surface did have some clear glue that stuck to the gauze, which was a bit tricky to remove when the pressure cup came off). The taste disturbance on the right side of my mouth seems to be lessening some. Almost everything tasted like cardboard on one side last week but slightly more flavorful this week. Having fresh oranges from our own citrus trees has been such a treat this time, definitely a Florida perk. Mom fixed me some proverbial chicken soup and delivered it the day after we got home from Tampa, another great plus for living in central Florida this time around. All in all, I am feeling quite humbled by the love and care of Almighty God and the prayers and kindnesses of family and friends.