Sunday, February 18, 2007

Flying Solo

We CI users need to celebrate every new hearing accomplishment, don't we? Well, I made a solo round trip from Orlando to Dallas yesterday, even changed planes twice. When uncertain, I verified what I thought I heard over the PA systems by asking a nearby person, "Did they just say that . . ." so the answer would be either yes or no. People didn't seem to mind at all. This flying day without my husband was, for me, reclaiming the ground lost in those dark days of functional deafness. 'Course, it would have been more fun to have had a partner with which to share the journey.

Friday, February 02, 2007


We are up to our ears (or paint cans) in remodeling projects. I discovered an advantage to being a CI user today. A shop vac is painfully loud to normal ears when operated in a small space, like a closet. Gerry can't handle it, but I can remove the CI and vacuum in silence - - - no pain, no risk of damaging my hearing. Pretty cool!