Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bilateral postponed

My surgery has been delayed until Feb. 19, 2008. This is actually a blessing as we are finally in the midst of moving, after spending 14 months remodeling an older home just a few blocks from where we were living. We've been bringing over each piece of furniture we've decided to keep by loading it on a sturdy yellow wagon. I think the neighbors are enjoying the steady processional.

The essentials are now in the "new" house. Our Christmas present to each other this year was being able to sleep at the new address. The only bittersweet moment occurred on Dec. 2oth when Paulie, one of our 3 cats, decided to bolt in transit and has not reappeared. He's extremely shy and kinda neurotic, so he may be gone for good.

The priority task ahead of us is sorting through all the non-essentials at the "old" house into 3 categories: garage sale items, giveaways, and trash. Everyone knows the routine and the stress involved, especially if you have a pack-rat mentality and limited storage space. Then comes the cleaning and repairs needed and finally the posting of the FOR SALE sign in the front yard. Having 2 mortgages for over a year has been a real killer.
I am anticipating a March activation date, just in time to be able to locate the birds I'll hear while putting in another butterfly garden. The new house desperately needs a yard makeover!