Wednesday, October 22, 2008


During our prayer request time after Bible Study on Tuesday, Linda quietly exclaimed, with her eyes gazing at her hands, "I have one kitty." My mind immediately began to consider the possible reasons for her obvious distress: something has happened to her other cat? She's about to tell us about something terrible that has happened to her precious kitty?

Then I hear " . . . new doctor . . . in renal failure stage 3 . . . I'm waiting for blood test results . . . drinking more water . . ." and I begin to suspect that maybe I've misunderstood something. What's the matter with her darn cat?

Try as they may, these dear ladies who attend our neighborhood Bible study just can't seem to abide by the one-voice-at-a-time rule, especially during the prayer request time at the close of our bi-weekly gathering. Each one feels compelled to add what they know about the details of the prayer concern. With everyone talking at once about this and that -healthy diet, the negative impact of stress, a great aunt who had - I'm at the mercy of catching a word or phrase here and there from poor Linda who is seated across the large circular table.

And then it dawns on me. Oh, she said that she has one KIDNEY! I try to suppress a smile, which is certainly not an appropriate response to Linda's current tribulation. Hearing loss can still get me in trouble from time to time, even with two great cochlear implants.


Anonymous said...

Smile! I can relate dear friend! (And married to a man with one kidney so can relate to Linda as well!)

Miss you!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Great story, Sheila! Kitty.... Kidney!

Laura's medical journey said...

Haha we deaf people are full of stories like these!! :D and always raises a giggle! But not at the best of times as youve stated!! :)

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Sheila,

I just learned that you are exactly one month to the day older than me! Happy Birthday soon!

Jennifer :-)

Shari said...

There are so many words that are similar to others. It's easy to misunderstand. Kidney-kitty. I'd probably would have made the same mistake.

Thanks for sharing.