Friday, October 02, 2009


You gotta check this out:

My goodness, people really can sound like rain! What blows me away about this video clip is that I can actually hear it so well and can make my own acoustic comparison with the sound of the authentic wet stuff. Now think about that for a moment. I had spent decades unable to hear any precipitation, with the exception of a frightening experience with golfball size hail pounding my car one afternoon after school. I think I could register a loud thunderclap by the faint shudder of the "boom", but maybe it's just by the memory of its sound.

Shortly after activation back in 2000, I remember sitting in the passenger seat of our car in the parking lot of Burwell-Morgan Mill, an old (circa:1785) grist mill in Millwood, Virginia, awaiting the end of an unexpected afternoon shower. To be honest, I was far more enamored that day by the sound of the downpour than by this beautifully restored historic landmark, the oldest operable merchant mill in the Shenandoah Valley.

What is it with me and my love affair with water anyway?

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