Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Dream CI Moment

I awoke this morning with a marvelous, lilting melody replaying in my head. Instantly, I realized that my waking state was ending a delightful dream. I'd been standing at some kitchen sink, hands plunged in soapy water and crocodile tears streaming down my cheeks. My mom had approached me, a look of genuine concern etched on her face. "Shesh, what's wrong?"

With difficulty, I gained enough composure to tell her that I was not upset over the drudgery of the task at hand but was completely overwhelmed by the hauntingly beautiful song of the flute that I could hear so clearly in the background. Classical music was coming from somewhere else in this house (unknown places are common in my dreams; it's people that are familiar to me). I was so thrilled with this extraordinary tune that tears flowed freely - - - another unusual event in my dreamland.

The melody stayed with me as I showered but, sad to say, was gone by the time I got dressed. Yes, I'd have written it down as soon as my feet hit the floor if I'd been Mozart or Handel. It's now lost forever, but at least I can still smile over the memory of having an actual CI moment in my dreams!

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely dream! A flute is played on our praise team about once a month and I sit close enough to hear it!