Saturday, March 07, 2009

Il Divo

I have always loved acapella male choirs and the wonderful harmonizing of skilled quartets. Gerry used to sing barbershop when we lived in Virginia and his weekly practice sessions were such a treat for me.

I'm a bit behind the times, I know, but I've only just discovered the foursome, Il Divo. When you consider the fact that Christians were tortured and executed in the Roman Coliseum, this rendition of Amazing Grace 2000 years later is truly amazing.

Amazing is a word I often use to describe the sound I get from my cochlear implants. To think that I would have never heard Il Divo if not for the miraculous gift of bionics!!

The setting of this music clip is a coliseum in Croatia. Enjoy.


Siobhan Wolf said...

The recording was shot in the coliseum in Pula, Croatia not in Rome. :D Lovely none the less.

doreengarrett1 said...

Hi Sheila, This has long been one of my favourite songs - and this is by far the best rendition I have heard of it. I loved it the first time I heard it sung by Il Divo, and it just sounds better every time. Sometimes they deliberately mix up who sings which lines and it still sounds wonderful. Glad you've found them at last - they are definitely worth the wait. Way to go Sheila!!

Laura's medical journey said...

hehe my dad loves stuff like that too il divo