Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Non-CI Moment

Some wonderful moments do not involve sound. It's no secret that I'm a butterfly lover, not because of their melody but because of their incredible symmetrical beauty and their remarkable power of metamorphosis. I even think the caterpillars are gorgeous.

I love providing them with host plants for their eggs and with flowers for the adults to feed on. I do the gardening and Gerry takes the photos - a good team approach.
This morning we were entertained by a visitor we'd never had before and who graciously allowed us to take his picture. I theorize that his resting posture may have something to do with the dreary week of downpours from Tropical Storm Fay that we've just endured. We've had a record-breaking amount of rain, deluging weather that is distasteful to butterflies as well as people. This butterfly is called a red-spotted purple admiral. Isn't he a charmer?


Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Wow! What a special nature lover you are! Beautiful photos!

Jennifer :-)

Denise Portis said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Thanks for posting these! A neighbor of mine plants and tends "milkweed" and for her efforts has a parade of beautiful butterflies! When my son was young, he wrote a paper on the Monarch. I couldn't believe how far they will migrate!

Janet said...

Sheila, I love your butterfly pictures! We are in the process of working on our yard and one of my goals is to get more plants that the butterflys like. You are right, there are many moments that don't involve sound and we are so fortunate to be able to appreciate them!

Kim said...

Oh how beautiful!! Such a special treat to see them so close like this